Ebooks And Workbooks - 5 Tips on How To Write A Workbook Along With Your Ebook

Published: 02nd April 2008
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Your ebook will be more popular and you will sell more copies if you also write a workbook to go along with it. Workbooks are very popular and can make an ebook come alive for your readers. Here are 5 tips on how and why to use a workbook.

A workbook fully involves your reader. Just the process of filling out the answers to questions you pose, or going through a series of exercises you present will get people moving.

Workbooks require people to take action. After reading your ebook they may just retain some of the information and never do another thing with it. The workbook will get them moving towards their goal.

Writing a workbook will not be very time consuming. As you write your ebook you can take relevant material from each chapter and transfer it into your workbook in the form of action questions, activities, and other useful exercises.

Most of your workbook will contain blank or lined pages for your reader to fill in. This will fully involve them in the process of learning.

People will learn more by actually taking the time to write down their thoughts and ideas. People forget much of what they hear, only some of what they see, but most of what they do.

Take a look at other workbooks to get some ideas. You can be creative and include visualizations, hands-on activities, or a journal for people to record their thoughts and feelings as they are reading your ebook. You can ask questions that they will answer in the workbook. In effect, you will be creating a home study course for your reader as they read your ebook and fill out the workbook.
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